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Mary Anderson

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FullSizeRenderMary Anderson, a transplanted Midwesterner, has lived in Calaveras County since 1973. She was introduced to ceramics through classes at Cal State LA before moving up to the Mother Lode. A very busy life, raising three children, and a career as Lost Hills Nursery postponed her return to clay until she began taking classes at Columbia College four years ago. She has also worked at Civic Arts in Walnut Creek, studying vapor fuming and salt firing, and participated in wood firing workshops at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff.

“The plasticity of clay fascinates me,” she says, “I love the strength and beauty of the thrown vessel, but see them as a platform for expressions of nature.” For a while, lizards will be gamboling on her pots, then a shift in her work to the creatures of the sea, kelp and anemone will occur. She has an abiding love of octopi, and is working on ‘Cephalopot #11’ in the series. The fluidity of a cephalopod, the jumping arc of a spawning salmon, and sway of blades of bull kelp enhance her pots.

Mary’s work is in high fired stoneware and porcelain. The pieces are functional, if whimsical, and all the glazes are stable and food safe, (but please don’t subject them to the violence of the dishwasher). She is currently experimenting with ash glazes, enjoying the glassy runs of almond, and the almost crystalline effect of oak. Mary is beginning a dance with the flame of wood firing, exploring the serendipity this method yields.  Each of these methods offer exciting effects and challenges, and the opportunity for a wonderful variety of surfaces on her work.

Artist’s prices beginning at $70.00.

A sampling of Mary’s work at Petroglyphe Gallery (click any image to enlarge and scroll through)