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Pamela Findleton

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Pamela Findleton is an artist who exposes the often overlooked divinity of life’s everyday movements. Using a variety of vibrant, animate colors she lures her viewer into a world of surreal fluidity and spirituality. Color and movement are the mainstays of Pam’s work. Pam believes that “Shape and shadow draw me to paint. As everything in life involves both these components, I see nearly everything as inspirational: women working in a field, a wine glass resting on a window sill, the subtle look of mischief on my daughter’s face. Color and light tell a story in every moment of our lives. It’s a story that I try to make visible on canvas.”

Artist’s prices beginning at $200.00.

A sampling of Pamela’s work at Petroglyphe Gallery (click any image to enlarge and scroll through)

Pamela Findleton’s show with artist, Dale Laitinen, PERSONAL PETROGLYPHS.  The collection of artwork can be viewed here…