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Lynn Slade

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Counting Sheep

Lynn Slade received her BFA in Design from the University of Southern California and her graduate work in Graphic Design was done at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. For over 20 years, she owned the Alyson Design Group, a graphic design company specializing in corporate advertising, magazine and marketing design as well as direct mail advertising. In addition, she served as a volunteer teacher of drawing and design both privately and in the elementary schools in Alameda County.

In 1990, she concluded her advertising career and started to paint. At first she painted in straight watercolor. After a few years she discovered the rice paper/collage technique. Lynn’s paintings are a combination of watercolor and handmade rice papers known as “Washi”. She has been doing some form of this technique ever since. She states, “I began working with this combination to try and capture both the color and texture of my subjects and to recreate the mood that these subjects inspired in me. Washi (textured rice paper) allows me to express all aspects of a subject. I am drawn to bold, dramatic shapes and color and I love the color intensity that the layering of papers and paint provides.”

Looking closely at one of her watercolor collages you will find multiple layers of color enhanced by the unique qualities of the washi itself: small pieces of newsprint, gold threads and specks of silver, bits of bark or leaves, unusual patterns, various textures that draw you into the image. The layering of papers and paint makes both the creation and the finished piece become a tactile experience as well as a visual one.

Her watercolor collages have won many awards and are incuded in private collections both nationally and internationally. Most recently, her painting “Foe Gold” won 1st Place in the Lodi Community Art Centers’ National Spring Show, and “Perched” was accepted into San Diego Watercolor Society 32nd International Exhibition.

Lynn’s paintings have also been honored in widely recognized publications. In 2010, she received 2nd place in Watercolor Magazine’s International Watermedia Showcase Competition. Her painting “Bale Patterns” can be seen in the Feb., 2010 issue of the magazine, and “Bale Patterns” was also selected for Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision.

Artist’s prices beginning at $225.00.

A sampling of Lynn’s work at Petroglyphe Gallery (click any image to enlarge and scroll through).