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    Don't miss the Watercolor Fundamentals Workshop with Tracy Lewis on August 8th & 9th

  • dale

    Paint the Sierra with Dale Laitinen in November

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    ALEX DE GRASSI Finger-Style Guitarist coming to Petroglyphe on August 16th!


Tracy Lewis


Tracy lives in the Sierra Foothills, with her husband, 2 children, a precious pit bull, a gargoyle, a circus pony and several bossy cats.

Art Nouveau, silent movies, flea markets, vintage clothing, Fluevogs, Paris, swirly patterns, polka dots, symbolism, little animal skulls, flowers, silver, creepy antique curiosities, belly dancers, fairy tales, tattoos and the color pink, have all heavily influenced her art.

She works primarily in transparent watercolor and is a purest in her approach to the medium. Layering luminous transparent glazes of pure hue gives her work a candy coat of Easter-like color. Although her art is fairly realistic, she focuses in on the little abstract patterns within a subject, “I enjoy setting up little still life’s of favorite things, playing with paradoxical juxtapositions, zeroing in on things to elevate the ordinary to the sublime”.

Artist’s prices beginning at $250.00.

A sampling of Tracy’s work at Petroglyphe Gallery (click any image to enlarge and scroll through)